Juridisk Rådgivning - SPH-Consult

Prices and terms:

Payment for counselling and assistance will vary from time to time and will depend on the nature and scope of the job and will always be at competitive prices. At present the recommended price per hour runs from approx. DKK 1.250,00 for private counseling up to approx. DKK 1.750,00 for international private and business law - and allways exclusive of danish valued added tax (VAT) with 25 %. In connection with major jobs or tasks of long duration, individual agreements between the parties will always be made.

Services may be limited in time. Services may be limited in payment. Services may consist of continuous, more specific counselling. You may plan the services required on a weekly, monthly annual etc. basis. In short: Flexibility in every way.

Invoicing will normally take place once a week or every second week.

Unless agreed otherwise the terms of payment are cash down, the due amount should be transferred electronically without further delay after receipt of the invoice. Otherwise the general TERMS OF DELIVERY will apply, which can be downloaded here in the latest version. 

If a co-operation could be of interest, possibilities should be discussed and details arranged on the phone or in a personal meeting, where the opportunity also could be taken to elaborate on competences and qualifications.

SPH Consult does not perform business as a lawyer but is covered by the danish act no. 419 of the 09/05 2006 about legal counselling.