Juridisk Rådgivning - SPH-Consult

SPH Consult is a small, flexible and professional freelance consultancy founded in 2008. SPH Consult is owned and run by Stefan Poul Hansen; 62 years old and grown up bilingually (danish father and german mother) in the border region of Denmark and Germany, where SPH since 1987 has practiced general law with specialized experience in a number of fields. Stefan Poul Hansen has 2020 achieved double citizenship and has therefore both a danish and a german passport.


The work of SPH has mainly been general legal and commercial counselling. SPH has taken on many different tasks covering basic legal subjects from family and property law to traditional execution and bankruptcy law and the more specialised commercial and trade law.

Since 1995 SPH has been dealing more and more frequently with international companies, which means that SPH has substantial experience with Danish and international law and counselling in both German and English. Since 2002 SPH has been teaching Real Estate and Commercial Law in the financial sector, see CV AND REFERENCES.

In 2019 Stefan Poul Hansen was certified as agricultural expert by SEGES, which is sorting under the Danish Ministry of Agriculture.


What could be the advantage of using SPH Consult?:

  • Appreciation of business conditions in a global and virtual reality.
  • Meeting the changing demands of clients fast and efficiently.
  • Flexible solutions tailored to the situation of the clients and the nature of the job.
  • Professional and competent counselling and management.
  • Fees and charges at competitive prices.

Relevant clients might be businesses, unions, organizations, public authorities and others together with law firms, who need legal counselling from experienced advisers, and whose demands might vary depending on changing current problems. These clients need continuous counselling and advising and want increasing efficiency without the obligations of a permanent employment relationship.

The job can for instance be done in one of the following ways:

  • Independently or on a team-work basis.
  • From a distance, at the client’s place of business or with external business connections.
  • If required other external, relevant advisers can be involved.